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Hawg Heaven Hearse is offering services for the alternative farewell ride for the motorcycle enthusiast or people looking for a unique way to be sent off on their final journey. We are different from the typical or traditional mere trip to the final resting place. Instead, we take the time to go on a favorite road or pass a sentimental place, which makes our service unique.

We provide eternal memories of the farewell ride. It is our firm belief that his or her passion for riding should not have to end with their passing. That is why we provide a service by which friends and family alike can send off their loved ones in a fashion that is fitting with the lifestyle they've lived. We provide a tribute service that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

At your service we can arrive at your service dressed in white tuxedo shirts, string tie, along with black pants, vest and shined boots. We feel the uniform exudes nostalgic style and a sense of dignity and professionalism as we take the departed on their final journey.

Our services are available privately or through our preferred family owned funeral homes. Prearrangement plans are also available. Our Hawg Heaven Hearse transports standard and oversized caskets. The coach can also be equipped to safely transport urns for cremation ceremonies.

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