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Hawg Heaven Hearse is here to help you with personalized services for the motorcycle enthusiast. We offer the customized motorcycle hearse and services. We provides the alternative to the traditional motorcar hearse to fulfill the biker "Farewell Ride" and burial tribute while still maintaining complete dignity.

For people liking to break traditions, you may find the 19th century styling of the hearses offer a unique means of transportation for your loved one to the final resting place. A motorcycle hearse makes a statement and personalizes the service to provide that special remembrance for your family and friends.

Family members of the military often desire the special glass sided caisson to show their love and respect for their loved one will receive that special effect with a Tombstone Hearse.

Wild West fans find the glass sided hearses from Tombstone, nostalgic and reminiscent of many years gone by. Thoughts of the OK Corral, Wyatt Erp, Doc Holliday, and the Clanton's come to a family's mind as the burial coach makes its way to their Boot Hill.